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I needed fast cash and applied for a loan through the website. My application was approved quite fast and the loan was granted. On payday I repaid in full. Reasonable BestCredit Team for your great support!


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The customer service rep that I spoke to was awesome. He verified my identity and the money was in the bank in 10 minutes. It was an easy and awesome experience. Thank you for being there for me.


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This is the first time that I applied loan through online . I was worried and don’t have any confidence on moneylender as I read about several bad reviews. I done some research online and read about the good reviews of Cash24Mins. Indeed, they are very professional and friendly. First they will call you to verify your details then he started to explain the loan plans and interest rates. In the end, I decided to take a $2000 loan and 6 months repayment plan. I am very thankful and satisfied with their services. Thumbs up for them!

Kenny Liu

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    Personal Loan from Singapore Licensed Money Lender

    If you have bad credit or no credit, it can be very hard to secure a personal loan in Singapore, even if the reason for your bad credit isn’t your fault it can still prevent you from getting the cash you need.

    Even if your credit is poor, you still need to buy things. Cars are expensive, and so are many other purchases that you need to have in order to live your life.

    If you need a bad credit loan or a personal loan in Singapore, you might consider applying at BestCredits8. We offer something many other locations don’tófair rates, friendly people, and personal loans up to $50,000.

    What is a Personal Loan?

    A personal loan is a loan that is not secured by assets such as a car or house. These loans are designed to help an individual borrower, in order to help them do things such as purchase things for their home or pay for a ceremony such as a funeral or a wedding.

    A personal loan isn’t limited to individuals either. It can also be to help a business get a solid start, or for a group of people trying to finish a project.

    Loans can be an answer to many big problems, and can help open up avenues for success that were previously unavailable to you.

    Most of us simply don’t have enough cash on hand to start a new business or make a big purchase, and credit can help you achieve those things.

    Personal Loan FAQ

    We know you have questions. If you have been searching for a personal loan to start a new business, make a large purchase, or pay an important bill, you know how difficult it is to find the best personal loan in Singapore. Finding a loan isn’t always easy even when your credit is good, but if you are looking for a bad credit loan that search becomes even harder. Even when you find one, personal loan interest rates can put even the loans available to you out of your reach.

    If it feels like BestCredits8 is too good to be true, you probably have some big questions about it. That’s why we have this set of Frequently Asked Questions. We’re here to help, and that means helping answer your questions as well.

    How Can A Personal Loan Help You?

    You probably already have a situation in mind, but there are lots of different ways a personal loan can be useful to you.

    Any time you need a sum of money that is larger than what you have available, a personal loan can be one solution for you.

    One practical way to use a personal loan is to pay off high interest credit card debt by consolidating it with a personal loan.

    The lower interest of a personal loan can help save you money, and help you put more money down on paying off the principal, and less on the endless cycle of interest.

    A single loan is also much easier to pay than trying to keep track of dozens of smaller loans.

    If you need medical care and can’t afford the high costs of the treatments you need, taking a personal loan out can help you get the money you need, and when you are in better health you’ll be able to pay off those debts.

    Personal loans have a variety of uses. As long as you will be able to pay off the debt within about 5 years, a personal loan may be a good solution to your financial difficulties.

    How to Apply? (Who is Eligible, Process)

    BestCredits8 offers loans of up to s$20,000 anywhere in the world. The application process is simple. All you do is fill out our simple form and hit the submit button. We will get back to you right away on whether you are approved for a loan or not. You can get a loan as quickly as 15 minutes after applying.

    Even if you think your credit is not good enough to get a loan. We work with people from a wide range of different credit backgrounds, and specialize in helping with personal loan in Singapore with bad credit. We loan all over the world, but most of our business is for people living in Singapore.

    If you’re not sure whether you qualify or not, please feel free to send in an application anyway. We will get back to you quickly, and can help most people get the cash they need.

    Why Apply from BestCredits8?

    There are many other personal loans available in Singapore, they have their own unique problems. Most personal loans from Singapore are choosy about who can get their loans, and set impossible standards a normal human being couldn’t hope to meet.

    Other loans offer solutions for people with bad credit, but at a steep price. The interest rates are so high no one could hope to pay off the principal, and the cycle of bad credit only continues.

    We offer fair interest rates that can be managed. We also understand that when you are in a financial crisis, you don’t have time to wait for weeks to see if you are approved. Because of this we put in an extra effort to get your application looked at quickly and responded to right away.

    Don’t let your financial situation get in the way of life. We are happy to help you get the funds you need to pay for life biggest problems.

    We hope this FAQ helped answer your questions. If you have any questions we did not address here, please feel free to ask us through email, or our chat option. We will respond as quickly as possible so you can get the answers you are looking for.

    A personal loan is a big decision that requires care and thought.

    Let us help you decide if a personal loan is right for you. We have a caring staff that is ready to answer your questions 15 hours a day.

    Don’t be afraid to contact us so we can help you get the process started, or address your concerns.

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    Fair Interest rates

    Fair Interest rates

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    Get Your Cash Less than 15min

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